traditional chinese medicine

Tuning Forks

Sound Healing

Tuning Fork  reconnect your inner Rhythm, Balance and Rejuvenate your Essence. This D & A resonance actually gives you the Best 10 minute power nap!


Acupuncture Tuning Forks, from Acutonics, New Mexico

With the power of Venus (Yin) and the strength of Mars (Yang), the meridians come back to balance.

These amazing little instruments have allowed me to help children in the most profound ways. From just everyday colds and flu to stroke and seizure recovery in infants to adults. They calm the body like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.

Tuning Forks for Sound Healing with the ability to accompany or even replace acupuncture needles. They have been successfuly tested and documented. For example you can see Tama-Do at

Please  contact Dr. Laura Michele, Ma. TCM, L.Ac., MAT Kauai, HI. for safe, gentle acupuncture and tuning fork sound healing treatments with your specific health issue. Located in Kapaa & Kalaheo, Hawaii.