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Cosmetic Acupuncture



After seeking and finding ways to naturally help lift, tone, smooth and nourish the face, and neck it is one of my favorite treatments to share. There is a certain satisfaction to see someones face change, energetically and pulling the beauty and essence out from the deep.

I had the pleasure of first researching and reading Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, Lic Ac. from Chi-Akra Center for Ageless Aging where she also incorporated tuning forks and later acupuncture needles and always mentioned the soul and emotional body’s part of her “Constitutional Facial Acupuncture”.

I then found Denise Ellinger, Lic Ac. creator of R3 Skin Nutrients, who taught me an ancient Chinese tradition, used on concubines from the Sung Dynasty in 60AD. Fascinating. Through nourishing the qi and blood and helping the individual constitution change is inevitable. This is not an instant one time fix, but it is a life enhancing, energy exuding, treatment. One word describes this best for me GLOW. If you don’t want to chance going under the knife, and not comfortable with risky fillers and threading etc. Acupuncture facelift may be your fix.

Did you know many of the points in the face also help digestion? With that said, if you do have symptoms of migraine, or are pregnant, I advise you to wait and proceed after they have resolved first.  This process is ideal for ages 30-50 but also effective, just not as strong and quick at ages 60 and up. The typical treatment strategy lasts 10 weeks coming 2 times a week, although one day a week is also effective. Depending on diet and lifestyle and care, your acupuncture facelift can last 1-3 years with once a month tune-ups.


I also offer LED light to enhance the process. I really appreciate Aesthetician, Rachel Pontillo’s explanation of what LED light is. “In terms of the LED used for light bulbs, TVs, monitors, etc, the LED light uses diodes instead of having a filament to provide light. A diode hosts electrons moving inside of semiconductor material, which thus generates light. The light created within these diodes is a cool light.”  “Invisible waves of radiation can be very harmful to us if we are overexposed to them; an example would be UV rays causing skin cancer. However, some of them, such as infrared rays and far infrared rays are very beneficial. Infrared LED light therapy combines visible light “(can be red, yellow, green or blue light, each having different therapeutic properties) with the healing infrared rays to deliver these treatments which, after multiple treatments, have been shown to improve many conditions.  Different colors are anti-inflammatory, can help repair skin cells, and increase elastin and collagen.

But first things first. If you do have heavy breakouts, I recommend looking at the root of the cause before treating just the symptoms.

I also like using and recommending the Clarisonic or something similar as an upkeep tool. As well as Nuskin’s Galvonic and Lumi-spa tools. I will incorporate the Bemer Mat  for increasing vaso-dilation and circulation, which you can learn more about under my Bemer heading, still under construction.