traditional chinese medicine

How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncturists diagnose illness in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which perceives the human organism and it’s processes as flows of Qi or energy; somewhat like the currents, eddies and swirls in a stream or lake. The major currents are called channels or meridians or in Chinese: jing luo. Twelve of the channels connect with organs in the trunk.
Each of the twelve is named for the organ with which it connects. The organ channels and two other channels which follow the front (Ren channel) and rear (Du channel) midline of the body contain the acupuncture points. The names, locations and usages of the points vary with the specific school or nationality of acupuncture. Proper rate of flow and amount of Qi in the channels is the OM definition of health. The acupuncture points are needled to restore or maintain the flow.
Each of the acupuncture points has specific effects on the different currents and/or organs of the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are at least seven very commonly used groups of acu-points.


1″ & 1/2″ hair like width actual acupuncture needles

The Primary 12 Organ Systems used in Chinese Medicine according to their flow & yin/yang pair:

Lung (yin)—— Large Intestine(yang)                                                3-5am——5-7am

Stomach (yang)—— Spleen (yin)                                                       7-9am——9-11am

Heart (yin)—-Small Intestine (yang)                                                  11-1pm—–1-3pm

Urinary Bladder (yang) ——- Kidney (yin)                                       3-5pm—–5-7pm

Pericardium, heart protector (yin) ——- San Jiao (yang)          7-9pm——9-11pm

Gallbladder (yang) ——– Liver (yin)                                                  11-1am—–1-3am


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