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Welcome to Blu Jade Acupuncture

Better health is something we all have the right to achieve.

I practice Traditional Chinese Medicine as a blend of art and science.

I am excited to share with you the many gifts around this artful healing modality.

IMG_1811Are you experiencing chronic or acute pain in your body and don’t know why? Do you need to achieve a new balance but don’t know how? Are you coping with anxiety, depression, compromised immune health,  or just wanting to look and feel better, relieve the stresses of the day, find your natural endorphins again?

Join me for A New Way to Experience Acupuncture here on the beautiful island of Kauai.  I have practiced this ancient proven medicine for over a decade.


Dr. Laura Michele, DAOM TCM, L.Ac., LMAT, Bemer Distributer Kauai, HI

 My training includes traditional Chinese tools like moxabustion, cupping, auriculartherapy and includes more modern techniques such as tuning forks, E-stem and scenar. For some individuals I might combine acupuncture with sound healing, or acupuncture with massage and herbal medicine, Functional & Integrative medicine or purely Acupuncture. I also incorporate Electroceuticals or Bio-electric medicine with the Bemer Set from  Liechtenstein and Erchonia Cold Laser treatments.  Previous energy work training in Access Consciousness Technique, Body Alignment Therapy in Lyons Colorado, and Tuning Forks sound therapy and Singing Bowls .

I often include essential oils, flower remedies,  various crystals, what ever your body is calling for in the moment to achieve the magical process of transformation.

Atmosphere: Allow Yourself to Heal Gently…in a safe, comfortable, serene environment with natural light and relaxing music, where it’s easy to let go of the world outside.

Whether you live here or only visiting for a few days, everyone is welcome. Call me for a free phone consultation to find out ways to enjoy a greater quality of life and abundant health. 808-652-0381. Insurance provider.


Treatment benefits that stay with you days later and offer life long effect.

Please contact Dr. Laura Michele, DAOM, Lic. Ac., LMAT,  at Blu Jade Acupuncture for safe, gentle acupuncture and tuning fork sound healing treatments focused on your specific health issue. Located in Kalaheo & Kapaa, Hawaii.